Penal and criminal law:
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Have you been arrested for impaired driving, speeding, possession of drugs or firearms, assault, threats or harassment?
Highly committed to the defence of his clients and the use of tailored strategies, Julien Bérard offers indispensable, reliable and effective assistance to give you the best possible protection.


Penal and criminal law:
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“Any person charged with an offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”
In fact, penal and criminal law is one of the key areas of expertise of Bérard Avocat. In this field of law, attorney representation is strongly recommended, and even essential, because the legal consequences may be devastating. You may need support in the case of a fine or the withdrawal of a licence or permit, but also for a behaviour affecting your criminal record or leading to imprisonment.
Do not hesitate to seek help from a law firm such as ours. We always take the time to find defence techniques and methods adapted to each situation.

Criminal behaviour:
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Criminal or penal offences represent behaviour usually condemned by society. Theft, murder and situations where the subject’s capacities are impaired are examples of criminal behaviour.
Below we present, in more detail, the main situations which may lead you to seek our services.


Although this category is the least serious in penal law, a fine, or a statement of offence, often justifies calling on the services of a law firm. In law, a distinction is made between a fine, an offence punishable by summary procedure and a criminal offence.
Fines are not limited to driving offences. They also apply to the sale of alcohol without a permit, smoking in prohibited places and the use of commercial signage that does not comply with the language laws for signs.


A fine or imprisonment is a sanction likely to be imposed by a judge at the end of a trial. Consequently, defining evidence, preparing a file and developing a defence strategy are essential in most cases. If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to call Bérard Avocat immediately. We know how to guide you throughout the procedures and can develop the best strategy for you.

Criminal record

Although a criminal record does not have an official Canadian definition, an entry is systematically recorded in the registry administered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police once an individual commits a criminal offence against a person, property, public order or the state or breaks the law.

Withdrawal of licence

Has your licence been suspended, restricted or revoked? There are many different situations and applicable fines. This is why, once again, the services of a criminal lawyer are often useful and frequently indispensable.

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