Our firm, Bérard Avocat

Established in Montreal since 2012, Julien Bérard began his professional activities working in several well-known law firms (Colby Monet, Lacombe Avocats).
Bolstered by this experience and driven by a desire to add a new dimension to his professional career, he founded his own law firm, Bérard Avocat, in 2016.


A Montreal law firm with many areas of expertise

He offers his clients professional and comprehensive services and regularly applies his university education, as well as his professional experience, to the many different matters he handles on a daily basis. He is always able to find a solution adapted to his clients’ needs.
Discover our firm’s expertise.

Civil and commercial litigation management

In the case of outstanding debts or business disputes, it is recommended to call on the services of an attorney. Count on Bérard Avocat to assist you in managing these types of civil and commercial litigation.

Corporate law

Corporate law focuses on business law for companies. It is important to call on an attorney as soon as you create your company to obtain reliable legal advice.

Criminal and penal law practice

If you are involved in a criminal or penal offence, Bérard Avocat will provide you with crucial assistance to ensure your protection. The firm has reliable expertise in the practice of penal and criminal law.

A rich and international
university education in law

With a dual university education, Mr. Bérard began his legal studies in the south of France at the Faculty of Montpellier. Then, as a challenge and adventure, he decided to cross the Atlantic to complete his university training. He studied at the Faculty of Law of Sherbrooke, as well as on the Campus of the University of Montreal. These two new experiences were enriching and instrumental for his career.
In order to master a large spectrum of many fields of law and thereby receive comprehensive training, Julien Bérard touched on various areas of expertise during his university studies. This path gave him solid and in-depth training. Thus, at the end of his studies, he had completed four master degrees:

  • Environmental law (University of Montpellier)
  • Business law (University of Montpellier)
  • Common law / transnational law, LLM (University of Sherbrooke)
  • International commercial law / arbitration, Master 2 (University of Montpellier)

Julien Bérard,
passionate about law

Mr. Bérard’s curiosity and love of learning led him to diversify his university studies and to expand his areas of interest. Winner of the annual moot court competition of the Faculty of Montpellier and former parliamentary assistant, he has diversified his areas of expertise over the years to learn more about human motivation, through negotiation and oral debates. An ardent defender and practitioner of oratorical art, he is particularly fond of public speaking. That is why, for approximately 15 years, he has been involved in amateur theatre simultaneously with his professional activities. In France, as well as in Montreal, he has participated in many shows, allowing him to deepen his love of words, of narration and of sharing them with the public.

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If you have any questions on matters of criminal and penal law, civil and commercial litigation management or corporate law, do not hesitate to contact Bérard Avocat today. We will be very pleased to assist you.