Corporate law
We can assist you in starting and managing your business

Starting a business is an adventure that requires reliable legal assistance. At Bérard Avocat, we will guide you throughout the process by above all making sure that everything is in compliance with the legislation in force.
If you wish to start a new business or need advice about drafting your articles of incorporation, share capital, daily management, preparing an annual updating declaration or dissolution, our firm has the necessary expertise.


Corporate law for
starting or managing
a business

Corporate law is a field of private law, including business law, which mainly concerns such issues as company rights, business contracts, commercial leases and business negotiations. Multidisciplinary, this branch of private law covers a wide range of fields requiring the type of experience and expertise offered by Bérard Avocat.
Because starting up a business is an experience that needs solid legal advice, our law firm is the ideal partner to help you carry out your project.

What is the scope of
corporate law services?

The following are the main areas of corporate law we use to help our clients start their businesses in optimal conditions and ensure the sustainability of their operations without stress.

Corporate law and starting a business

Which form of business should you choose? What are the specific advantages and disadvantages of each one? Is registration in the Registre des entreprises (Quebec business registry) mandatory? Since these questions are important, it is in your interest to answer each one carefully.

Drafting of your company’s articles of incorporation

Anyone who wants to start a business must prepare articles of incorporation related to the initial declaration. In fact, as a distinct legal entity, the newly created company has rights, but it also has obligations. This is why it is crucial to plan by taking the time, step by step, to carefully craft all of the articles of incorporation.

Business law to manage your business on a daily basis

We take to heart the defining and close monitoring of all the aspects ensuring the good management of your company’s daily operations. We are available every day to give advice to our business-owner clients. We can also assist you with civil and commercial litigation.

Share capital:
an attorney’s assistance is invaluable

Whether it is composed of shares with or without par value, the share capital of a company is a crucial item. The share capital of a business may be made up of common or controlling shares, with a discretionary dividend and include a rollover or investment. To make the right choices and know all the subtleties and the appropriate services, do not hesitate to seek the support of the seasoned professionals of Bérard Avocat.

Annual update
/ Dissolution of a company

Every company must file an annual updating declaration mainly to confirm or amend the information recorded when you created your business in the Registre des entreprises (Quebec business registry). It is the same process for dissolving an entity. Here again, Bérard Avocat will ensure the smooth running of the annual updating declaration or the declaration of dissolution of a business for its clients.

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Located in Montreal, our firm concentrates on corporate law, criminal and penal law, as well as the management of civil and commercial litigation, in order to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.
Do you have a project, an idea, a business concept? Do you want to start or get started in a business and need an adapted structure? Bérard Avocat is the partner you need. If you contact our firm, we would be happy to give you more information and assist you.