Civil and commercial litigation

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Bérard Avocat specializes in civil and commercial litigation. On a daily basis, the firm addresses such matters as unpaid rent, complex testamentary estates and recoverable or contested amounts. The firm also has expertise in construction work disputes, hidden defects and poor workmanship, hypothecs (mortgages), real estate transactions, shareholder dispute remedies, as well as seizure and execution cases.

Julien Bérard can provide you with significant support in all of these fields, because of his solid experience before the Quebec courts for both civil and commercial litigation. Do not hesitate to call on our law firm. We will carefully answer all of your questions and provide assistance throughout your case.


Julien Bérard:
civil and commercial
litigation lawyer

A lawyer emeritus, Julien Bérard is very familiar with civil procedure and the workings of the legal establishment. He can assist you in finding practical solutions to resolve the disputes affecting you.
If you, or someone close to you, is facing a difficult dispute, don’t hesitate to contact the firm. We will do our utmost to meet your expectations and develop a strategy tailored to your needs.

Civil and commercial disagreements:
when is it time to contact an attorney?

There are numerous situations leading to civil or commercial litigation for which you need an attorney. To defend your rights and help you understand or interpret various regulations or laws, it is important to find a specialized litigation attorney.
Below, we discuss in more detail the practice areas in which our teams work on a daily basis.

Civil litigation

An unpaid debt, a letter of formal notice or hidden defects can lead to civil proceedings. With the expertise of a lawyer, these issues can be addressed in a variety of ways, such as mediation, negotiation or judgment on merits. Regardless of the situation, we will pay attention to the smallest details, protect your rights and do everything possible to ensure that you have a positive outcome.

Bérard Avocat’s response to this situation

Judgment on merits is a last resort. Before arriving at that stage, the lawyer will attempt to discuss and negotiate with the opposing party. Mediation is a win-win situation for both parties. And mediation is a good way to save time, money and reduce the overall cost of the case. If mediation is not chosen or is unsuccessful, Bérard Avocat will represent you in court.

Commercial litigation

Commercial disputes, which are generally related to the business and commerce fields, have a direct and systematic impact on the people affected. Although they vary considerably, commercial disputes may be related to business transactions, a disagreement between shareholders or unpaid debts. In fact, beyond the figures and amounts involved in these matters, the people concerned are the first to suffer the consequences.

Our firm’s solutions

This crucial point is one of the main reasons why Bérard Avocat has been interested in commercial litigation from the very start. Many techniques are available, from out-of-court settlements to appearing in court or mediation. It is the context and nature of the dispute that guides our decisions. Remember that all solutions proposed are always adapted to the particular context. This is one of the reasons for our success in the area of commercial litigation.

Julien Bérard

Bérard Avocat has vast expertise in civil and commercial litigation, as well as in corporate law and criminal law. We are committed to providing a solution tailored to your situation.
For any request for information about procedures in the case of a dispute related to civil or commercial law, contact Bérard Avocat. We will be pleased to serve you and provide our assistance right away.