Legal construction mortgage

Among the only claims that may give rise to a legal mortgage are the claims of persons who participated in the construction or renovation of an immovable, commonly known as a legal construction [...]

Mortgage claims in Quebec

Mortgage claims are remedies that can be exercised by creditors, whose debt obligation is liquid and payable, to assert his mortgage rights against their debtor who has defaulted, without [...]

What is a formal notice?

A formal notice is the formal request sent by a creditor to a debtor who is late in fulfilling an obligation, ordering him to fulfill it within a specific time period, failing which he will face [...]

What are the steps of a lawsuit?

The legal world is frightening at first, and not without reason. It appears obscure, unfamiliar and complex. Its decorum, its language, its codes and its rules don’t address the litigants who [...]

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