Bérard Avocat law firm in Montreal

Expert in Civil and Commercial Litigation

Do you need to be represented by an attorney concerning matters of civil and commercial litigation, corporate law or criminal and penal law? Our firm has acquired expertise in these fields. We guarantee that we will be constantly available to support you.

Our law firm services

Bérard Avocat is a law firm with that specializes in a number of practice areas. We will provide you with high-quality services from the diagnostic analysisinitial assessment until the matter is resolved.
Dedicated to providing you with fully transparent services, we take your financial situation into account before giving you an estimate of all costs in advance. This is also why we keep you informed as the work advances on your case. Communication and transparency are the cornerstones of the Bérard Avocat philosophy of Bérard Avocat. Our services include civil and commercial litigation, corporate law, as well as criminal and penal law.

Civil and commercial litigation

On a daily basis, the law firm of Bérard Avocat law firm works in the civil and commercial litigation. field, dealing with such matters as unpaid rent, complex testamentary estates, and recoverable or contested amounts. The firm also has expertise in construction work conflicts, hidden defects and poor workmanship, hypothecs (mortgages), real estate transactions, shareholder dispute remedies, as well as seizure and execution cases.

Corporate law

Creating a business is an adventurea venture that requires reliable legal assistance. At Bérard Avocat, we will guide you throughout the process, being careful to comply with the existing legislation in force. The firm has the necessary expertise in corporate law, including the drafting of articles of incorporation, share capital, daily management, and the annual updating or dissolution.

Criminal and penal law

Have you been arrested for impaired driving, speeding, possession of drugs or firearms, assault, threats or harassment?
In criminal and penal law, attorney representation is indispensable, because the legal consequences may be devastating. Julien Bérard recommends customized strategies and provides solid and effective assistance to best ensure your protection.


About our law firm

A young law firm in Montreal, Bérard Avocat was founded in 2016 by Julien Bérard, a member of the Quebec BarBar of Quebec and of the Paris Bar. Dynamic and totally committed to resolving our clients’ cases, our team is constantly available and willing to listenalways at your disposal and ready to lend its support. This is why we encourage you to contact us as soon as you feel the need. Both with our clients and inside the courtroom, communications are is at the heart of our profession.

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In our YouTube channel, we discuss key legal topics each month, while emphasizing particularities and work methods.
Twice a month, discover our video capsuleseducational videos, ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute and covering specific, concise topics such as arrest, hypothecary recourses and letters of formal notice.
If you need advice about a particular situation, or if you would like to obtain more information about our services contact Bérard Avocat. We would will be pleased to answer each of your requests.

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